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Welcome to Amish Vandar.com! You can also call us “we,” “us,” or “Amish Vandar.” We are an online marketplace. These are the rules for using Amish Vandar, including its website, sub-domains, mobile app, services, and tools (which we’ll call the “Site”). When you use the Site, you’re agreeing to follow these rules (which we’ll call the “User Agreement”). If you don’t want to follow these rules, please don’t use the Site. You show that you accept these rules when you use the Site. The company that owns and runs this Site is called TFP Solutions (Bangladesh) Limited. They’re a company registered under the Companies Act, of 1994. We might change these rules from time to time. We can add, remove, or change parts of them. We won’t always tell you before we do. So, make sure to come back and check these rules regularly. If you keep using the Site after we make changes, it means you agree to the new rules.


To use certain services on the platform, we might need you to create an account with us or provide personal information to set up your account. Sometimes, we might decide to cancel your username and/or password without explaining why or telling you beforehand. If that happens, we won’t be responsible for any problems or losses that might occur because of it. You’re in charge of keeping your username, password, and account information safe and private. You agree to do this and make sure your account is secure. If you think someone else knows your password or is using it without permission, let us know right away. When you use your account and password to access the site or its services, we’ll think it’s you using them, or you’ve allowed someone to use them. This means you’re responsible for anything that happens using your account, whether you knew about it or not. You agree to follow the rules of the site and use its services, whether you gave permission or not. If you don’t follow the rules, you agree that we can rely on your account being used that way and hold you responsible for it. You also agree to reimburse us for any losses that might happen because of your account being used wrongly.

Make sure your account details are correct and up to date. You should update your account information online as needed. If you can’t update some information on the site, let us know through customer service so we can help. We can decide to deny access to the site, close accounts, or change or remove content whenever we want, without telling you beforehand. If we ask you to update your personal information or cancel your account, we can do it without explaining why or giving you notice. If that happens, we won’t be responsible for any issues or losses you face as a result. You should also change your password regularly to keep your account safe. You’re responsible for keeping your account private, and you’ll be held accountable if your username or password is used by someone else, whether you agreed to it or not.


Please take a look at our Privacy Agreement, which also covers your use of the Site during your visit.


The Site acts as an online platform that allows you to buy products or services listed there at the indicated price, no matter where you are. You can pay using your preferred payment method. It’s important to understand that we’re just providing a way for you to make these purchases. We’re not directly involved in the transactions on the Site or the payment gateway provided by a separate service provider. This means that when you buy something on the Site, it’s a contract between you and the seller of the product or service. If you make a payment using a card, the payment process involves you, the service provider, and, in the case of card payments, your bank. So, the contract for the sale of products and the contract for payment are separate agreements between you and the respective parties involved.


We will make every effort to keep the Site accessible to you without any interruptions or errors. However, because of the way the Internet works and the nature of the Site, we can’t promise that there won’t be any disruptions. Sometimes, we might need to temporarily stop or limit your access to the Site. This could be for things like fixing issues, doing maintenance, or adding new features. We’ll try our best to keep these interruptions infrequent and short, and we might not always be able to let you know ahead of time.


When you use the Site, you agree that you’re capable of entering into legal agreements. This means you confirm that you’re at least 18 years old or you’re using the Site under the guidance of a parent or legal guardian. We’re giving you a license to use the Site, but you can’t transfer it to anyone else or let someone else use it. This license lets you use the Site to shop for personal items and services listed for sale. Using the Site for commercial purposes or on behalf of others is not allowed unless we say it’s okay in advance. If you’re registering on behalf of a business, you’re saying that you have the authority to bind that business to these rules and that you’ll follow all the relevant online trading laws. You can’t register more than once on the Site, whether as an individual or a business. If you break these rules, we can take away your license to use the Site right away without warning.

The information on the Site is for informational purposes only. The sellers are responsible for the accuracy of product details, prices, and other information they provide. What people post on the Site is their own opinion and doesn’t necessarily reflect our views.

We’re giving you limited permission to access and use the Site for your personal use, but you can’t download, modify, or use the Site’s content for commercial purposes. You can’t use the Site’s content, including trademarks and copyrighted material, without our written permission. You can’t frame the Site or use our trademarks or logos without our written permission either. Using our content or trademarks without permission means you lose the right to use the Site. You can’t use our logo or trademarks in links for commercial purposes without our permission either. If you do any of these things without our permission, we can stop you from using the Site without warning.

You agree and promise not to engage in the activities listed in this section. Doing these things could lead to us immediately closing your account, services, reviews, orders, or any ongoing transactions you have with us. In more serious cases, it might even result in legal action:

  • Disobeying these Terms and Conditions or any other rules and policies for using the Site that are available on the Site all the time.
  • Pretending to be someone else or falsely claiming to be associated with someone or something you’re not.
  • Using the Site for illegal purposes.
  • Trying to access or disturb other computer systems or networks linked to the Platform or Services

without permission.

  • Disturbing someone else’s ability to use and enjoy the Site.
  • Sharing, promoting, or sending illegal materials through the Site according to the laws of The People’s

Republic of Bangladesh.

  • Uploading or using software or content that might contain viruses, harmful code, or damaging elements

that could harm the Site’s data or affect other customers’ devices. Using the Site in ways that don’t follow the acceptable use policies of connected computer networks, Internet standards, or any other relevant laws.

  • Please remember that engaging in these activities could lead to serious consequences, including losing access to the Site or facing legal action.


You must not use the website in a way that could interrupt, damage, or harm the Site or its access. Your activities should not lead to any harm or potential harm to the Site, its employees, officers, representatives, stakeholders, or anyone else associated with the Site, directly or indirectly. Remember that you’re responsible for all electronic communication and content that you send from your computer to us. Use the Site only for lawful purposes. Here are some things you are strictly prohibited from doing on the Site:

  • Using the Site for fraudulent purposes, criminal activities, or any unlawful actions.
  • Sending, using, or reusing material that doesn’t belong to you, or is illegal, offensive, deceptive,

misleading, abusive, indecent, harassing, defamatory, obscene, pornographic, or harmful in any way.

  • Using the Site for illegal activities or in connection with criminal offenses.
  • Impersonating another person or posing a threat to the unity, integrity, security, or sovereignty of

Bangladesh or friendly relations with other countries.

  • Using the Site to cause annoyance, inconvenience, or unnecessary anxiety to others.
  • Using the Site for any purpose other than what it’s intended for by us.
  • Please be aware that engaging in these activities can lead to negative consequences, including losing

access to the Site or facing legal action.


Anything you send to the Site or give us, like questions, reviews, comments, or suggestions (all together, “Submissions”), will become our property, and we won’t give them back to you. When you post comments or reviews on the Site, you’re giving us the right to use the name you give us along with your review or comment. It’s important that you use your real email address and don’t pretend to be someone else or trick us or others about where your Submissions come from. We have the option to remove or change any Submissions, but we’re not always required to do so. This could happen without us telling you in advance, or if laws say we should.


We showcase thousands of products from various sellers on the Site, and there are many comments and reviews as well. We can’t be aware of every detail about each product, comment, or review. So, we work on a “claim, review, and removal” system. If you think any content on the Site is illegal, offensive, misleading, harmful, or against certain values, you can let us know by emailing us at info@amish vandar.com We’ll try our best to investigate and remove the content if it’s valid, as quickly as we can. Please make sure to include your name, address, contact info, and all the relevant information about the issue, like the name of the content causing concern, specific instances, and proof. If you don’t provide enough details, your claim might not be considered valid and might not be used for legal purposes.